Somewhere over the Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

While vacationing in Hawaii, my wife came out of a gift shop and handed me a little bag as she said, “Here, now you can listen to it anytime you want.” I opened the bag ... Continue Reading →

Dream Big Baby

Dream Big Baby! — Bille Baty (@BilleBaty) April 17, 2015 Continue Reading →

Just Tap It In

Have you seen the Adam Sandler movie “Happy Gilmore”? It’s an hilarious movie with all types of lessons to be learned if we look for them. One of the best is when ... Continue Reading →

Positively Negative

There I was lying in bed, really tired, ready to go to sleep. Now I’m not one of those LUCKY people who can just lay their head on the pillow and snoring begins immediately. No…Not ... Continue Reading →
The Golden Fork

My New Book…”The Golden Fork”

I have a new book out entitled “The Golden Fork”. It’s part of my new series, “Love’s Stories” and I’m really excited to be getting some positive ... Continue Reading →

Live Life

The only way to live life is to start living. Here’s what I mean. If you Google the exact phrase “live life”, there are over 8,650,000resultsavailable. This is a subject on ... Continue Reading →

Size Matters!

Yeah, I know what you’ve been told but I’m here to tell you size matters, it really does. Let me give you an example. Years ago, I was walking an average of 20 miles per ... Continue Reading →

37 MORE Success Quotes

I thought it was time to share 37 MORE Success Quotes… Quite a few folks commented on the last 37, so I think that’s a good number. I’ve tried to attribute these ... Continue Reading →

I’m An Ex-Hummus Bigot

I’m an Ex-Hummus Bigot It’s true! I was. I really was. Okay now, part of my “12 Step Program” is promptly admitting I was wrong! I’m not trying to make ... Continue Reading →

If I Had Only Known

There used to be this place in San Antonio called Playland Park. It was like a little Disneyland. Okay a very, very little Disneyland. But for someone growing up in San Antonio in ... Continue Reading →